Twin Warriorz

One Family’s extraordinary resilience. This is one of the most incredibly rare stories you’ll ever read about.

When you hear a story as rare as Kelly and Daniels, it needs to be shared.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes today to read on and find out why. Already parents of two beautiful daughters, in 2015 Kelly and Daniel found out they were having another baby.

It was an exciting time and CF was far from their minds.  Looking back Kelly says her CF journey began about 40 years ago when her sister Hayley was born with the disease.  It was the reason they discussed the likelihood of CF with their Obstetrician during Kelly’s first two pregnancies.  They were told it was incredibly rare to be a carrier of the CF gene and they went on to have two beautiful healthy girls.

With this new pregnancy came a new Obstetrician, he was a little more stressed about the situation.  ‘We learnt it was more common than we’d been led to believe,’ recalled Kelly.

It was at the 12-week ultrasound where things changed considerably for the Collins family.  ‘After being told we were expecting one baby, we learnt we were having twins, it was very exciting, I remember being on such a high.’

 Unfortunately, the high would soon be replaced with despair, CF was about to enter Kelly’s life again. Read their full story here.

We don’t underestimate the battle ahead for Austin and Levi and know there’s much to be done, but with the support of our CF community, our investment in CF research has grown from strength to strength.

After everything they’ve been through – and are still going through – you’d understand if Kelly or Daniel said, ‘why me?’