Host a Quest Donation Tap Point Terminal

Help us raise funds to support medical research for cystic fibrosis and consider getting your workplace involved with a new donation tap point terminal.

Hosting a Cure4CF Donation Tap Point Terminal costs nothing to the business but will make a world of difference to someone who is living with Cystic Fibrosis.

We know that Australian’s are less often carrying around cash and prefer a quick tap to shuffling around in their pockets for spare change. The Donation Tap Point Terminal allow supporters to donate with a simple tap of their credit or EFTPOS card.

Terminals are fitted with their own SIM card, therefore all hosts need to provide is a small amount of counter space and power from a USB or power point.

As a Cure4CF Tap Point Terminal host you will receive regular updates so you and your customers can see how you are supporting life-changing research.

Request a Cure4CF Donation Tap Point Machine now – call us on 0493 974 512 or email info@cure4cf.org

“I want these kids to
have the chance to live
as long as I have”

“I want these kids to have the chance to live as long as I have”

– the late Allan Scott, AO AOM, Cure4CF Foundation Major Sponsor