Fundraising Ideas

  • Facebook Fundraiser  Create a fundraiser for Cure4 Cystic Fibrosis on Facebook. Set a goal and encourage your friends to support a great cause.
  • Quiz Night – Organise a quiz night. Invite friends and family and organise a fun night with a quiz, raffle, 100 square game and coin toss.
  • Virtual Challenge – Set a challenge and get your friends and family to sponsor  This might be to run on a treadmill or doing a number of push ups every day every day for 31 days through the month of May.
  • Dinner Party – Organise a dinner party and ask people to donate.
  • Kick a bad Habit – Give up a bad habit and ask people to sponsor you.
  • Donations instead of gifts – If you celebrate your birthday in May, instead of a gift ask family and friends to get behind your birthday fundraiser.
  • Something with your hair/Crazy hair day – Shave, cut or colour your hair and get sponsors to support you. We think orange is a great colour to show your allegiance to the CF Army.
  • Fun Run – Create your own fun run and get your friends and family to sponsor Set a distance, train, complete your distance and collect the money.
  • Get baking – If you like to bake put your talents to good use. Ask friends, family or neighbours for a donation in return for making their favourite cakes, bakes or box of treats!
  • Run a workshop – Got a special skill people always ask you about? How to make your famous cheesecake or do that painting? Ask your friends and family for a donation, run a virtual workshop and donate the proceeds to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis.
  • Say thank you – Want to say thank you to a special someone who has everything or can’t get something delivered? Make an investment in life-changing medical research on their behalf.
  • PJ Party – Get your friends together for a PJ party and ask each of them for a donation towards Cure4CF.
  • Casual Day Hold a casual day at work and ask for gold coin donations on the day. You can tie this in with a morning tea and ask for donations that way.
  • Morning TeaHold a morning tea in your backyard or your lounge room. Invite your close friends and family and ask for a donation on the day.
  • Cocktails for a cureHold a cocktail party and get your friends and family to purchase a ticket and come along.
  • Curries for a cure Hold a curry night. Ask guests to bring their favourite curry and charge an entry fee for the night. A fun way to share all the curries and get your taste buds to explode.
  • Hold a raffle Ask local business to donate some prizes and hold a raffle, with proceeds going to Cure4 CF.
  • 100 squares gameSell squares for $2/3 a square for the chance to win $100. You can do this game online or in conjunction with a quiz night or high tea.
  • Donate your coffee day– Let’s be honest, some of us spend a lot of money on our daily coffee!  Designate a ‘Donate Your Coffee Day’ and ask people to donate the money they would usually spend on their coffee for the day. Reports estimate the average worker spends nearly $40 a week and around $1,100 annually on coffee. Just $50 of that would buy one hour of cystic fibrosis research!
  • Cold Turkey – Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you to ‘give up;’ something for the month of May or maybe longer! You could try to give up alcohol, social media, coffee, reality TV or junk food.
  • Show your Stripes – Why not get your local sporting club involved and get them to dedicate one of their games to raising money and awareness for CF?! Each team member can donate to wear our CF Army stripes for the fame. Collect gold coin donations from people coming to the game.
  • Dollar for Dollar – Ask your boss/organisation to match your fundraising efforts.

Next Steps

Register.  Email jessica@cure4cf.org with your brilliant fundraising idea or create your online fundraising page at our Fundraising Hub.

Get the go ahead. Once your fundraising idea is approved, you’ll receive all the things you need to get started.

Make it happen. Hold your fundraiser and have loads of fun!

If you have any questions, our fundraising team is here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jessica at jessica@cure4cf.org or call 0400 166 646.