Join in the City to Bay 2018

Cure 4 Cystic Fibrosis is bringing people together who will not accept the status quo, people who see the injustice of cystic fibrosis, people who believe in medical research, and are giving their time, energy, skills and funds to bring us closer to a cure!

From birth Cystic Fibrosis is unrelenting in attacking a person’s body, leaving babies, young children, young adults everyday fighting for their every breath.  It attacks on all fronts…but I’m not sure cystic fibrosis knows who it’s dealing with!

Together, we are fighting for the funds needed to continue world-leading medical research and your support today makes us stronger!

We believe cystic fibrosis is a solvable problem. Take the action necessary to pave a future free of this disease.

Join the Cystic Fibrosis Army in this year’s City to Bay and become a #CFWarrior!!