Ambassador Update – Mae

Our Youth Ambassador, Mae has kindly given us an update on how school has been for her this year as she completes year 12 and on going to her school formal.

School as a CF patient has been crazy this year. It has been much more challenging then any other year I have experienced.

As a CF patient it has been vital to maintain my personal hygiene and remove myself from situations that could compromise my health. This resulted in myself socially isolating (with my amazing boyfriend and family) for 2 months, halfway through term 1, meaning that I missed a lot of school and “normal” year 12 experiences.

As I did school online, I was still able to participate in classes and learn but it wasn’t quite the same. When I returned from “iso” I was very excited to see my friends and be taught face to face. Unfortunately, soon after I was back at school, an ongoing staff infection put me into hospital. This caused me to miss a lot of school with all my IVs and hospital appointments. As term 3 rolled around, my doctors and I decided that to prevent me from missing more school, we would not have another clinic appointment until my holidays. This has really helped as I haven’t missed any lessons this term!!

A few weeks ago, I had my year 12 formal which I was very fortunate to actually attend! It meant so much to have an event with all my fellow year 12’s and it was so exciting to dress up and have a boogie with everyone! Even though this year has not been how anyone expected it to be, we have all made the most of what we can do and appreciated the little things.